Welcome to the ultra-colorful, whimsical, tropical world of Tropik Beatnik 🌈🌞🌸🌊🌴🥥 With its play on modern design infused by hints of Filipino flavor and aesthetic, Tropik Beatnik delights in bringing you pieces that tell a story.

Brought to life by all-around maker, artist and interior designer Carla Cruz - Bellare, each piece is a work of art, nuanced with snippets of Philippine culture— inspired by themes of nature, history, and everyday life. Driven by the desire to create unapologetically quirky, fun, but most importantly handmade pieces, Carla created Tropik Beatnik in hopes of advocating Filipino craftsmanship and empowering her community through her creations.

Together with her small team of super moms from Tropik Beatnik’s partner artisan community at GK Sitio Pajo in Quezon City, Carla creates wearable pieces of art infused with Filipino flavor, tropical whimsy, and a whole lot of color!




Thoughtfully crafted by hand out of clay, upcycled fabric, brass, and other locally-sourced materials, each Tropik Beatnik piece is slow-made, one-of-a-kind, and unlike any other.

From solely creating handmade accessories, Tropik Beatnik has slowly evolved to include homeware and most recently fashion, in the form of colorful crocheted clothing, as well as funky, color-blocked, everyday wear made from a mix of locally-sourced fabric, upcycled handwoven fabric, and deadstock textiles.